Review Pink Flag/The Homewreckers – Introducing Pink Flag & the Homewreckers (2008)

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Introducing Pink Flag & the Homewreckers
Pink Flag/The Homewreckers – Introducing Pink Flag & the Homewreckers

So after witnessing Pink Flag tear it up at DTFH Fest, I had to track down some recorded music from them. So far, it seems like the extent of their recorded output consists of this split LP with fellow Durham locals The Homewreckers, not to be confused with the Brooklyn band of the same name featuring underground artist Cristy C. Road. (a mistake I made initially) Anyway, upon finding this, I immediately went about exchanging currency for music, as is my way.

What we have here is 11 songs total- 6 from Pink Flag, and 5 from the Homewreckers. Pink Flag kicks things off with “Fight Song,” which is a theme song that happens to not be named after the band, with the band chant that closes the song announcing “We are the Pink Flag/Mighty mighty Pink Flag/Anywhere we go-oh/People wanna know-oh/Who we are/So we tell them!” The song is an effective statement of purpose, and a good introduction to their sound: poppy punk/post-punk with soaring vocals and great harmonizing.

As the record moves along, the band shows off a great sense of melody. They do the quiet-loud-quiet thing quite well, as shown on songs like “Dirty Hair Party.” The music here is infectious and will definitely have you bobbing along and dancing. While, after hearing the name, people have asked me if Pink Flag is “a Black Flag cover band,” the answer is no, and there’s little-to-no influence from that band in Pink Flag’s sound. It’s a pretty good name, though, all things considered. If you’re looking for influences, you’d be better checking the post-1988 Dischord Records discography, and some Pixies for good measure.

The Homewreckers continue things well on their half of the record. Their sound is similar to that of Pink Flag, though with more urgent screaming in the vocals, and perhaps sounding even more like they should have been releasing records at the heyday of post-punk or Riot Grrrl. There’s a great energy to the music and especially the vocals. On their first song, “One Shot,” she unleashes a frantic shriek in the chorus that’s just awesome and energizing.

This is a really great split, and the material from both bands is solid. The two bands play similar enough music that the pairing is logical, but not so much that each’s songs aren’t distinct. It’s always great to see women in the scene, and it’s good to see anyone rocking as hard and as awesomely as this. These are both bands you should get to know, like, yesterday. Go get it now!

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    I was referred to you because I have a Ska question. I visited Jamaica recently and found a local music shop to explore new music. I bought 11 CD’s and they were all burned. One of them has the title Ska Skatology with 29 songs. I can’t find any information about it, don’t have song titles and am no longer in Jamaica. Any idea who this band is? I like them.

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