Review Death to False Hope Fest, day 2


Day 2 was a bit more low key overall, in terms of crowd rowdiness, but perhaps even more awesome than the first night.  Somehow I felt more destroyed after this one day than I recall feeling after the entirety of Fest 9. Weird! Some highlights:

  • My friend Kevin playing 2nd guitar for locals Ascetic Parade, and being totally awesome
  • Red Collar sending the crowd into a frenzy that may have been more out of control than Less Than Jake’s ‘Hello, Rockview’ set.
  • Brendan Kelly drunkenly falling over the drum riser, and playing a song he wrote when twelve, entitled “Dicks.” For fans of “Nuts Nuts We Want Nuts.”
  • I Was Totally Destroying It overcoming their kinda dumb name and being awesome, particularly their cover of “Big Country.”
  • Pink Flag. Wow. Best band I wasn’t very familiar with before, I’d say. More people should listen to this band, because they were awesome. Awesome 3-piece, all female power-pop-punk. I feel that, if there’s any justice in this world, this band will be huge.
  • The bodega across the street selling empanadas. I’m sure how I feel now is a direct result of those things, but man if they weren’t delicious.

I want to send thanks to everyone I spent time with at DTFH Fest. It wasn’t long enough, but it was a blast. Thanks to the bands who played and rocked hard. I don’t think there was a single less-than-great performance all weekend. And of course, thanks to Scotty Sandwich from Death to False Hope Records, for putting this whole thing together.

Bands I saw:

The Riot Before
The Dopamines
Off With Their Heads
Jason Kutchma
Less Than Jake
Ascetic Parade
The Campaign 1984
Joe McMahon
Direct Hit!
Spanish Gamble
I Was Totally Destroying It (partial)
Pink Flag
Red Collar
Captain We’re Sinking
Brendan Kelly
The Sainte Catherines



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